Great people create great companies and countries. We are a pack of 6.5 billion people and we need at least 1% of leaders from this big pack who can create a great, happy, peaceful world to live with. If one Mahatma Gandhi, one Lincoln, one Gorbachev, one Magsaysay, One Mandela can make such a huge difference to their countries and to the world, imagine more such leaders. We need to create leaders who are equally good in personal and professional lives to give their best. Great leaders become great by their thinking; whether it is business or political life.

Once we decide to bring in some kind of positive change to our lives and to the lives of people around us, we automatically start thinking like leaders, we will be forced to put our thinking process to practice, thatís how the change from within takes place. To what level you want to take it to is left to you. You could become a Gandhi or a Bill Gates or A Narayan Murthy, the choice is yours.

Chief consultant